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Formation Houses

St. Clares Convent Dinanagar (Estd. 11th August 1985)

After having completed 10 years of missionary activities in Punjab, working in 6 stations, we felt the need of a common house of our own and to start recruitment and formation of candidates and to encourage local vocations. Most. Rev. Symphorian Keeprath the Bishop of Jalandhar whole heartedly supported this idea. We were on the look out for a suitable place. Mother Romuald was the Superior General, Mother Anne Tresa the Provincial Superior of Pala, Sr. Aloshia the Mission Superior and Mother Symbrose the mission Councillor. Negotiations started to buy a plot of land at Dinanagar 12 kilo metres away from Gurdaspur under the leadership of Mother Symbrose. With the help of Rev. Fr. Guido O.F.M. Cap. the Principal of Little Flower Convent School and Parish Priest of Gurdaspur. Rev. Fr. Joseph Zacharias O.F.M. Cap. the assistant parish priest and Mr. B.D. Sharma, an officer in Central Bank of India  a suitable plot of land at Awanka village near  Dinnanagar railway station was found out. 4 acres of land was bought for Rs. 1,90,000 and its registration was done in three stages i.e. 12th May, 19th May and 30th May 1983. The mutation was done on 23rd November 1983. The registration was done in the name of Little Flower Convent School Gurdaspur under the diocese of Jalandhar..  Through the efforts of Rev Fr. Guido O.F.M. Cap. an amount of Rs. 3,20,000 was obtained as foreign aid from Kolon, Germany to buy the plot  and to start the construction.

A miraculous incident

A miraculous incident took place on the day of the blessing of the convent. While the carpenters were lifting the figure of the crucified Lord to be fixed on the wall of the sanctuary the ladder they were standing on broke down. The carpenter was falling down with the 4 feet tall statue of the Lord from a height of 20 feet.  The sisters watching the scene were holding their breath. Quite miraculously within a moment the main carpenter was on the floor holding the statue of the Lord safe and sound. He exclaimed I saved Jesus and Jesus saved me. Every one heaved a sigh of relief and thanked and Praised the Lord.

Common House in Ujjain -St. Francis Convent Pawasa

The provincial council considered the need of having a common house in Ujjain. It was at this juncture that the M.S.T. fathers of Ujjain sought our collaboration in starting a school at Ujjan. Negotiations were started under the leadership of Sr. Sysomi Puthenpura and Sr. Maria Cicilia with the M.S.T. fathers. Not far from the Ujjain Railway Station and the Bishops house 3.5 acres of land was bought at Pawasa near Ujjain city in 2004 for Rs. 10 lakh and 1.5 acres for 7.5 lakh in 2005, in the name of St. Francis Educational and Charitable Society at Pawasa, with the technical assistance of the M.S.T. fathers near the plot they bought for the school. The help of the M.S.T. fathers especially Rev. Fr. Peter Vattappara M.S.T. the Regional Director of M.S.T and Rev. Fr. Joseph Kochayankanayil M.S.T in buying and fencing the property and renovating the existing small house is worth remembering. A contract was made between Rev. Fr. Kurian Ammanathukunnel Director General of M.S.T and Sr. Celine Maria the Provincial Superior of St. Francis Provice Jalandhar with regard to the service in the school and mutual collaboration.

Sr. Maria Cicilia and Sr. Annie Panjikunnel started to take admission to the school in March  2006 staying in the S.H. Provincial House. Sr. Maria Cicilia, Sr. Pauline Therese and Sr. Lissa Jose Madappallikunnel started to live in the rented school building on 3rd July 2006 and the nursery was opened on 9th July 2006. Sr. Maria Cicilia had done the necessary ground work for the school and the common house. Owing to ill health she had applied to the General Council for a change of province and went back to Pala in May 2007. Sr. Maria Cicilia had served as Principal of Deepti Convent School Shujalpur for 5 years. The committed service she offered at Shujalpur and Pawasa is remembered gratefully.

A small building which existed in the plot of land was renovated and it was blessed on 26th June 2007 by Mar Sebastian Vadakkel Bishop of Ujjain. The sisters started to live there on 1st Sept. 2007.  The new community was formed with Sr. Pauline Therese as Superior, Sr.Lisa Jose Madappallikunnel and Sr. Teena as the other members. Along with teaching in the school the sisters visit the families and share the love of Jesus with the Hindu, Muslim brethren around. They also take interest in cultivating the land. Wheat, soyabean and vegetables are grown there.

Surmounting many obstacles the necessary permission from the government and the Municipal authorities to construct a building in the land was obtained in January 2011. Sr. Pauline Therese took much pain in this regard. A common house for prayer and common gathering of the sisters and for a stage of formation was intended here.