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(Duration 1 Year: December - December)


Patroness: St. Clare (Aug 11)

Goal: Acquire the readiness to renounce everything to become a disciple of Jesus Christ.

Entrance:   On 14th December  

Special attention is given to the Gospel values which enable the Postulants to build up their life upon the Gospel values. It offers a deeper understanding of the Divine Office and helps to pray it meaningfully. This course explores various aspects of prayer, enabling the formee to develop a deep relationship with God through practicing different methods of meditation and prayer.  The Postulants acquire a general understanding of the New Testament and the book of Psalms. The Old Testament sages and poets expressed their relationships to God in the forms of psalms in times of joy and sorrow, victory and defeat, prosperity and poverty. As the people of God of the New Covenant, they must love and use Psalms in their lives. It deals with the structure of the liturgical seasons helping them to assimilate the spirit of our liturgy throughout the year. It also introduces the sacrament of reconciliation, para-liturgical services and personal devotions enabling them to grow in spiritual life.  The Postulants understand and learn the Constitution and Way of Life of FCC which enable the formees to cherish and live their religious commitment according to the FCC Charism. It also offers a more detailed understanding of the Church in India and helps to cherish the rich apostolic heritage of the Indian Church. During this period they acquire a preliminary knowledge of Magisterium of the Church, Church documents etc. This course helps the candidate to be aware of ones own strengths and weaknesses and to develop self-confidence and self- esteem. It also helps to have a positive outlook towards sexuality, cherishing womanhood. It also aims at acquiring an awareness of the society in which we live and the current social issues so that the candidate may prepare to respond to it in a catholic way. They will have deeper knowledge about the spirituality of our apostolic life and deals with the Churchs teaching on Mission.