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Pre-Postulants Phase I

PRE- POSTULANCY PHASE: I (9 months: September- May)

Patroness:  St. Alphonsa

Goal: Develop a filial relationship with God. Enable the human and Christian Formation of the Pre-Postulant. Enable the Pre-Postulant to have greater familiarity with the FCC and its Charism. Assist her in the process of discernment of vocation.

Objectives: The formees understand that it is primarily their own duty to respond whole heartedly to the divine call. So they have to grow in the Holy Spirit through ardent prayer, listening to the Word of God and active participation the Divine Liturgy and thus prepare themselves for a total self surrender to God. They should accept the directions and corrections with good will and docility in order to lead a Genuine, happy and  mature religious life.

Entrance:  17th September (feast of stigmata of St. Francis)


  • 1. Rekha
  • 2. Rachel Sidhu
  • 3. Kiran Bala
  • 4. Rajni Bala
  • 5. Felicia Tirkey
  • 6. Sania
  • 7. Renu Masih
  • 8. Sofia Hans
  • 9. Deepika