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(Duration two years)

Patron: St. Francis of Assisi (October 4)

FIRST YEAR NOVITIATE   (December- December)

Goal:  Led by the Holy Spirit and following the footsteps of St. Francis, acquire the readiness to renounce persons and self to be united with Jesus the Crucified.

Entrance:   On 14 December

This course aims at enabling the novice to become a true disciple of Jesus, through the study of discipleship in the Gospels, highlighting renunciation and cross in the life of Jesus. It also presents Mary as the model disciple, who was first and perfect disciple of Jesus and the message of St. Paul. It offers a deeper understanding of Liturgy and its spirituality by learning the constitution on Sacred Liturgy. It helps to become true participants in the paschal mystery of Jesus Christ. This course provides an understanding of the history of spirituality and special features of oriental spirituality which deepen their understanding of the theological virtues. It enables them to be filled with the fruits and gifts of the Holy Spirit and to discern the vocation for total commitment. This course helps the novice to be rooted in the fundamental values of Franciscan Spirituality and to acquire the contemplative nature of St. Clares life and to integrate the spirituality of St. Alphonsa, who lived Franciscan Spirituality in a heroic way. This course aims at giving a detailed exposition of theology of consecrated life, focusing on three vows, helping her to commit herself to be an authentic religious.  This course is aiming at leading the Novice into FCC way of life, following TOR Rule, FCC constitution & Directory This course deals with general understanding on the Church, based on Lumen Gentium. It also presents the current Encyclicals and Apostolic exhortations. The course is aimed at developing the deeper understanding of Christian and moral laws and shows a positive attitude towards the church and society. This course aims at attaining   psycho-sexual integration and value orientation in religious life. This course offers the theology of mission based on the Church documents, and presents FCC as a missionary Congregation, helping the novice to become a zealous missionary.

Name of Novice Entrance Place Mistress
Kamal 14-12-2017 Bellampally Sr. Sanjeeva


 (Duration 1 Year: December-December)

Goal:   Having acquired the readiness to renounce things, persons and self and being led by the Holy Spirit, prepare intensely to commit herself willingly and totally to the service of God and His people.

This course offers an introduction to the book of Maccabees, covenantal spirituality in the Bible and presents religious life as covenant. It gives a general outline of the characteristics of the Indian spirituality enabling the novice to cherish the rich heritage of India and to assimilate values to our religious life. This course helps the novices to acquire the prayer experience of St. Francis who personified as prayer and help them to have a deep love for Crucified Christ. It presents an introduction to the Canon Law, emphasizing canons on Religious life so that the novice may live religious life according to the norms of the Church. It also offers the moral aspects of vowed life which helps the novice to live her consecrated life fruitfully, cherishing sexuality as a gift of God. The course will analyze how to integrate the prayer and ones own apostolate.