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Pre-Postulancy Phase II


(Duration 6 Months: June-December)

During this period the candidate develop a deep relationship with God through prayer, meditation and reading the Word of God and give chances to practice various methods of prayers. It also enables them to discern the promptings of the Holy Spirit in their life and prepare them to receive spiritual guidance. This course helps them to familiarize the books of Pentateuch and its theological significance. It gives an understanding of rich liturgical traditions in the Church and it also provides a deeper knowledge of the meaning of Eucharistic celebration so that the candidate may have an active and effective participation in Holy Liturgy. They try to understand and assimilate the spirituality by learning the lives of St. Francis, St. Clare, St. Alphonsa and other Franciscan saints. It aims at giving a deep conviction on the baptismal consecration which is the beginning of the Christian life. Then it discloses how it grows, matures, and bears fruits through our religious consecration. It also presents a short history of religious life and the main features of FCC by presenting its history, charism, principle and leading the formees to love FCC. The formees try to recognize their inborn talents and skills and to develop and use them fruitfully for their life and ministries.