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Holy Cross Convent, Danewala

Place : Danewala
Established Year: 1985
Address: Holy Cross Convent, Danewala

Holy Cross Convent Danewala was established on 12th March 1985.  Danewala Satkoshi is a village situated 22 km. away from Abohar almost on the border of Rajasthan It was a most underdeveloped village. Most of the Sikhs are big Landlord's and the poor Harijans are bonded labourers to them. In 1984 when Mother Bellarmine, the provincial superior of Alphonsa Province visited the sisters at Abohar she went to Danewala also and felt the need of the service of the sisters at Danewala. As per the request made by the C.S.T. fathers, in consultation with Rt. Rev. Dr. Symphorian Keeprath the bishop of Jalandhar and the consent of the Superior General. It was decided to open an F.C.C. house at Danewala.

Sensing the need of the people a dispensary was opened on 22nd March 1988. Then their attention turned to the education of the children. A nursery school was opened on 15th July 1985. Besides they visited the village and tried to give them awareness about health and hygiene. They were unaware of the need of education. So they had to be coaxed to send the children to school.

 Sisters extended their service to nearly villages like, Janduwala and Paterwala. The villagers in general are full of superstitious. The sisters visited them and prayed over them. People from far off villages also came to them.   The people are also slaves to so many social evils. In order to give proper awareness to the people awareness classes were started to the adults and the children. The landlords were not happy about it because they feared that they may not get laboures at cheap rate for work. Cultural programmers also were arranged in order to bring out their hidden artistic talents and instill in them self confidence and self- respect. Catechism classes also were conducted to the children.  By the grace of God and the dedicated service of the fathers and sisters the station grew up.


 The sisters render their service in all the missionary activities like visiting the villages, organizing the children and the youth, conducting prayer services, preparing children and the adults to receive sacraments,  guiding pious associations teaching in the Punjabi medium school and so on. At present there are 625 Catholics.